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Sail Care Clinic With Nickys Canvasworks

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Now is the perfect time to start thinking about checking over your sails and carrying out any maintenance so they’re ready to go into spring; a large percentage of repairs during the sailing season can be avoided by a thorough winter check and service.

Join us on Thursday 4th March at 19.00, with tenant host, Nickys Canvasworks who will give us the lowdown on what to look out for when conducting sail checks following a period in storage or when they have just been taken off a boat.

The 60 minute, Zoom talk will be informative and a step by step guide to sail care and maintenance. The topics covered include:

  • Advice and guidance on taking the sails off the rig - top tips and/or how to instruct a sail loft to do so. Making sure all associated running rigging is secured.

  • Sails down – advice on how to dry them out, how to fold them and the appropriate storage, whether that be at home or a sail loft.

  • Inspection - things to look out for – mould and damage. The importance of valeting.

  • The different sail materials – Dacron Sail or Laminate. The pros and cons.

  • Repairs that can be carried out by the owner to keep them going until completed professionally. 

  • Professional services available.

  • Products available to the customer.

  • Question and answer session – attendees to submit questions in advance.
An evening arranged exclusively for berth holders, if you would like to sign up to attend this winter talk please click the link and fill out your details. You will then receive an email with Zoom login details the day before the talk. To register your interest click here