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Rupert Celebrates 25 years With Premier Marinas


April 1st marked a special day for Marina Manager, Rupert Bremer as it was on this date in 1991 that he joined Southsea Marina.

Living a comfortable life in Manchester in 1992 after finishing his degree, Rupert relocated to to Southsea Marina on the South Coast on his father’s promise of seasonal work going at the local marina. Starting out in the Southsea Marina boatyard, Rupert quickly moved up to the role of Assistant Marina Manager in 2002 and subsequently Marina Manager shortly afterwards.

In Rupert’s own words: “As a younger man I can remember thinking, ‘how can any more spend their whole life doing just one job’, but because the role of a Marina Manager is so varied, it’s really several different jobs all at once. I couldn’t have made a decent stab at being my chosen vocation without the support of my most magnificent staff, loyal and delightful customers. With the way retirement ages are heading, I may have to do another 25 years, but do know what, it would be a pleasure and a privilege to do so”.