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Premier Marinas' Improved Wifi Coverage


Premier Marinas Wifi Improvements

Over the last couple of months Premier Marinas have made significant improvements to the wifi signal strength and coverage across our South Coast marinas. The software management system now allows you to access the wifi at any Premier marina using the same password, and your devices will be remembered, removing the need to login on each visit. You are also free to use 3 devices connected at any one time. More recently we have upgraded the access points within the marina to improve the signal strength and coverage. In conjunction with this we have an improved monitoring capability that will alert us to any system failings, but we would also welcome your feedback on a facility that we know is of great importance to you.

There will always be areas unfortunately where the signal deteriorates and a variety of environmental factors that affect its consistency. We also operate a fair use policy to prevent excessive usage becoming a detriment to other users.

While the wifi service has been improved at most sites, we are working on improving the service across all of our South Coast marinas in due course.