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Electricity Upgrades At Brighton Marina


Electrical Pods

This spring Premier Marinas will be spending £445,000 on upgrading the electricity supply across Brighton Marina’s pontoons. It will involve updating the electrical infrastructure to the pontoons, taking out existing electrical supply pods and replacing them with Meter Max pods that measure electricity consumption more accurately and provide greater protection from misuse by others.

Alongside better accuracy and security the new Meter Max pods have built in lights, making it safer when walking the pontoons at night. Moreover, if you leave your boat with your lead plugged into your allocated socket, the power supply to your boat will continue up to the point when your credit runs out.  The system will then alert you to the need to top up by email in advance of this. You can top up calling the marina or popping into the Marina Reception.

Andrew Collumbell, Brighton’s General Manager CMM said: “From 2014 we will have spent a total of £780,650 on our electrical infrastructure at Brighton and the improvements have made a real difference to the marina.”