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Distribution of Hoseguns


Following our requirement for our berth holders to provide their own ‘lay flat’ hosepipes (in response to a directive from our water supply companies) we are now preparing to distribute complimentary hosepipe guns to our berth holders. The use of a gun in conjunction with a hosepipe will then become part of our marina regulations and will serve two purposes:

It will help our berth holders to keep their fresh water tanks clear of contamination by preventing the back-syphoning of marina water up through customers’ hosepipes and on into their tanks and it will have environmental benefits as the use of a gun will reduce water wastage from hosepipes left running whilst not in use.  

Our hosepipe gun distribution plan will start at the end of this month so please look out for our text that will advise you when your gun is ready for collection from the Marina Reception. Once you have your gun please stow it away with your hosepipe after use.