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Pontoon Pressure Wash at Swanwick


Swanwick Marina is taking the time to spruce up the older pontoons in the marina by pressure washing them. This is being done by the Swanwick Marina team in order to deep clean the pontoons removing all the dirt which has built up over the past year and, in doing so make, the pontoons smarter and less likely to present a trip hazard.

This work is undertaken annually by the team for the benefit of berth holders and other visitors. Despite the pontoons set to be replaced in winter 2019/20 to match the new facilities – which can currently be seen on rows A-C – this work is still seen as important to maintain the safety and aesthetics of the marina.

Peter Pring, Duty Manager of Swanwick Marina said: “Premier Marinas puts a lot of work into making sure its sites are clean and tidy, as well as being a safe environment for our customers to enjoy. Pressure washing the pontoons is a part of the work which we carry out every year.”

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