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Lock Shutdown and Dredging Update


Following the closure of Lock 1 at the start of the month, work has been progressing well with the lock de-watered as part of the annual maintenance that takes place each year on alternate locks. Work so far is on schedule and the lock is expected to reopen around Friday 5th April well in advance of Easter Weekend.

Other maintenance work going on around the marina includes annual dredging works, which is due to start after Easter lasting for around 10 days. The ‘Sospan Dau’ will be dredging the entrance channel all the way from the locks and out towards the Safe Water Mark. During this time all navigation buoys, excluding the Special Mark and Safe Water Mark, will be removed when the dredger arrives in order to facilitate safe access.

Notice to Mariners will be issued advising when the dredger is due and will also show details of the dredgers planned sailing route which MUST be kept free and unobstructed by fishing gear.

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