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Premier Marinas WiFi Coverage now at Optimum Strength (All marinas but Noss)


Premier has invested in improving the WiFi at its marinas to give berth holders and visitors with the best possible service. This has seen work at Gosport Marina where two additional access points and masts have been installed, and existing masts repositioned to improve the overall coverage at the marina. Work has also been undertaken at Swanwick Marina as part of the marina reconfiguration with the WiFi re-installed on new pontoons A-C, whilst Eastbourne Marina has had an additional mast installed, which will help boost coverage in the inner harbour.

Premier’s WiFi is powered by modern ‘Ruckus’ equipment, which is specifically designed for outdoor environments, and Premier works with an organisation that specialises in marina WiFi to help plan and install the WiFi infrastructure at the marinas. This means Premier berth holders and guests can enjoy broadband speed WiFi via hotspots located throughout the marina. This free WiFi service is provided as part of the Premier Advantage for up to three devices at a time to all berth holders with a current annual or monthly contract, and visitors can use the WiFi during their stay. To use this service you will need a wireless enabled device such as a smartphone, iPad, laptop or similar device with a wireless card or a built-in wireless unit. 

Premier’s WiFi offers extensive coverage on the water; the coverage areas are available to view online along with access points for each individual marina. Coverage is approximate based on the mast location which shows an 80m range. The strength and quality of the signal can be affected by numerous factors including weather, line of sight to the mast, the device you are using and construction of your boat’s hull (if you are not on deck). Through ‘real world’ testing, in reasonable conditions you should be able to receive a stable WiFi connection from up to 80m from a mast. Premier strives for 99%+ berth coverage using this methodology.

Berth holders can use their WiFi log-in at every Premier Marina as long as you have connected with the device before. Simply select the marina name in your available WiFi network list and your device will connect. If you are visiting one of Premiers’ marinas, or have forgotten your username and password, please contact the Marina Reception, or visit in person for temporary connection details. Additional access is also available in every Premier Marina Reception.

Premier understands that the WiFi provided at its marinas is now among the best available in a marine environment. Check the WiFi coverage at your marina online on the WiFi section for each marina via the Premier website. You can also find more information about logging in and a series of FAQs about Premier’s WiFi.