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National Trust Tree Felling


The National Trust is undertaking tree felling around Longwood – the area between Noss and Hill Head along the A379. In the 1940’s a commercial plantation was added of Larch and Douglas fir called Noss Plantation and for 70 years it has been managed for its timber and has now reached the age where it should be harvested. As such, the National Trust will fell the trees in this area over the coming months.

Once the felling has been completed, the National Trust hopes to establish a deciduous broadleaf woodland on the site and, where possible, will allow natural regeneration to occur. However there may be a need to undertake some planting and bramble control to ensure woodland cover. This work is not related to any Premier Marinas work at Noss on Dart Marina, and whilst it will have an impact to the area in the short term, the National Trust sees the long term benefits to the wildlife and habitat as being far more beneficial.

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