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Winter Infrastructure Works


Southsea Marina will have a number of pre-Christmas projects taking place to maintain and improve the infrastructure around the marina. From mid-October onward, the marina will be replacing the bridgehead at J pontoon. This work will necessitate the removal of the J pontoon access ramp for a period of around 10 days during which a temporary means of access will be provided.

From mid-November the marina team will start the cill-side crane project which means that the cill will be shut from the 11th – 18th November with no entry or exit from the marina. Whilst the cill is shut the team will undertake inspections on the cill to ensure everything is in good working order. This week has been selected to cause the least amount of disruption to berth holders.

At the same time Southsea’s boatyard segregation project will see new posts and chains deployed around the marina perimeter. These chains also have signs on, with berth holders advised to follow their directives for their own safety around the marina.

The final project to be completed during this time will be the completion of the cill-side static crane project. This bespoke crane (currently being built off site) will be in place to provide a back-up to the cill mechanisms should there be a failure. Whilst the marina team hopes not to use it, it is important to keep the boats in the marina safe and to have a reliable contingency plan in place in the event that the cill breaks. The crane is expected to be fully operational by January 2020.

Premier has invested £122,000 across all of these projects which will help to ensure a safe and secure marina and provide an uplift to the site. This work also helps Premier comply with the ISO45001 health and safety standards which has led to Premier becoming the first marina group in the UK to be put forward for this accreditation. Whilst there may be some disruption during this period, the marina team will seek to minimise as much as possible.

Southsea Marina Manager Rupert Bremer said; “There is quite a lot of work going on at the marina in the run up to Christmas, though it is all stuff that will help me to sleep sounder at night! These works will help ensure that the marina infrastructure will be in top working order for the coming years.”

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