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Look Out For Herring Gulls


Brent Lodge is incredibly busy as animal care staff continue to treat the growing influx of summer casualties (without volunteer support) which includes a number of young herring gulls. At this time of year, they are often found on the ground after falling from their rooftop nest sites.

Advice to finders is to carefully place the baby gulls back onto a nearby flat surface so that they can continue to be cared for by mum. However, like all parents, the extremely protective nature of these birds can mean reuniting mum with baby is not often possible and at this point, Brent Lodge will intervene. They will stay in care until they can live independently and eventually be released into a suitable location.

The staff have an obligation to make sure all patients are released into an area where they will cause minimal problems or become too over-populated. All gulls are dispersed over several sites and are kept away from residential areas where possible.

Herring gulls often divide opinion, some see them as a nuisance whilst others enjoy watching the fluffy babies grow up on the rooftops. This may be hard to believe when you see them out on your boat, but they are actually on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species due to their dramatic decline in numbers.

Gulls are often victim to cruelty, discarded fishing hocks or damage caused by pollution. Like all wild birds, gulls are beautiful animals to observe in their natural environment. Love them or hate them, the team at Brent Lodge just ask people to please be kind and respect that they share their habitat with humans too.

If you do find a wild animal in need, give the team a call – the hospital’s new mobile-friendly website offers plenty of advice, so if you are out and about you have help and advice readily available at your fingertips. www.brentlodge.org T:01243 641672