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A Talented Artist In The Harbour


Eleven year-old, Oliver Bland is a talented young artist with autism who lives with his mother at Sovereign Harbour. They moved to the harbour in 2018 from the countryside and his passion has since blossomed as he has drawn inspiration from the water and shoreside landscape.

A self-taught artist, with no formal training, he likes to photograph everything and choose what to draw in pencil. Currently being home-schooled because of the pandemic, he enjoys drawing all types of transportation and his full range of artwork can be viewed here.

In his own words: “I love going to the lock, I’m there every day in good weather – I like to watch the boats coming in and going out. I know all the fishing boats names and numbers, and even dates, such as when two border force boats visited the marina.”

Post COVID-19 the marina team at Sovereign Harbour are looking forward to inviting Oliver to spend some time in the lock office with the lock keeper and take photographs of boats he might like to draw – Premier is certainly avid-fans of his work!