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Divers Survey Southsea Cill Gate


As part of Premier’s ongoing commitment to improving safety, a team of local divers were instructed to complete a survey of the Southsea Marina cill gate last month.

Five Health and Safety Divers from Seatech Commercial Diving Services Limited carried out a full survey on the cill gate in both open and closed positions, checking the seals, hinges and wires and ensuring there was no debris in the recesses into which it sits. During the course of the dive, the divers also checked and replaced the anodes, as required. The survey took 6 hours in total to complete.

Peter Pring CMgr, Marina Manager comments: “The cill gate survey is vital to ensuring the integrity and safety of the gate and retaining the correct water level within Southsea Marina, ensuring it to opens and closes automatically at certain states of the tide. We want to say a big thank you to the team at Seatech for completing the works and confirming the gate remains in good condition.” 

The marina cill gate opening and closing times are available here.