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Antifoul Research Project to begin at Chichester Marina


The team at Chichester Marina have joined forces with onsite tenants, Navigators Marine Service Centre to work together on an antifoul research project that will track the effectiveness of various paints in repelling coral worm.

Coral worm is a natural phenomenon that occurs in marinas along the South Coast. Thought to have arrived in the UK on the bottom of container ships, it prefers metal surfaces, therefore props and leg drives are the most commonly damaged regions of boats, although it can also adhere to the hull.

The year-long research project will start in 2022 and involve trialling a range of different antifoul products in different weather/seasonal conditions to see which one has the greatest resistance to coral worm.

Peter Draper at Navigators Marine Service Centre explains further: “We will be trialling a number of antifouling products around several locations in the marina. Experience has shown that most readily available products work on a vessel's hull and no self-ablating antifoul is noticeably better than any other. However, coral worm is as the name suggests part of the coral species of growths and it prefers to grow on a surface harder than itself, hence its liking for shafts, propellers and outdrives.

“Until recently there was a product that was highly effective but due to current regulations its use is no longer permitted. There are a number of other products on the market which rely on either preventing the growth getting a toe hold because the surface falls away, self-ablating, or presents such a smooth surface any growth is thrown off when the vessel goes underway - or the old traditional method of containing a substance toxic to the growth which discourages it by basically killing it.

“Our trials will be on similar substrates as the problem materials - stainless steel, bronze and aluminium - to give a true indication of the effectiveness of the trial products, which will include some "homemade" purely organic recipes. We look forward to working with Premier Marinas on this project.”

Navigators Marine Service Centre are also pleased to share that they are now approved dealers for both Vetus diesel engines and Tohatsu outboard engines. With a full range of sizes and options available, plus ongoing servicing and support they can assist customers with both inboard and outboard engine needs.