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Supporting the local emergency services at Port Solent


As part of our ongoing health and safety programme, we offer regular invitations to local emergency services teams to visit our marinas for training and to practice various scenarios. Fire is one of the most dangerous situations that could occur in a marina which is why we take fire prevention and emergency response so seriously.

Last month, we welcomed the Blue Watch team from Cosham Fire Station down to Port Solent Marina to carry out an emergency fire and casualty exercise on our crane quay.

The training drill involved the team playing out the scenario of a fire on the crane quay, testing response times, hoses and other equipment. The exercise demonstrated the importance of regularly practicing different emergency scenarios and helped strengthen the marina team’s already close relationship with the local emergency services.

Mark Phillp, Marina Manger said: “It is always great to have the local emergency service teams training here in the marina and it is really important for us to regularly practice different emergency scenarios with them and share best practices. It helps everyone improve their response and get more familiar with the site and the different working environments”.