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Southsea Marina collaborate on major safety exercise with Langstone Harbour


As part of our ongoing health and safety programme, each marina carries out regular training drills in order to ensure everyone is prepared for emergency situations.

This month saw the Southsea Marina team collaborate with the Langstone Harbour Board and a multitude of local services to complete a major emergency response exercise in which two motorboats collided, resulting in two different hypothetical emergency scenarios that required separate response procedures to be followed.

The first scenario involved the one of the boats spilling diesel into the marina basin and required the marina team and local services to deploy the spill booms to avoid polluting the harbour, with the second scenario covering a boat with an electrical fault which led to a fire, resulting in the team’s need to isolate the fuel bay and electrics and evacuating the nearby vessels and pontoons.

“It is really important for us as a team to ensure we are all prepared for any potential future incidents within the marina and it is great to know how well supported we are by the Langstone Harbour Master should we need them in a real-life emergency,” says Marina Manager Peter Pring CMgr. “It was a really successful exercise and the feedback we received from all parties involved was constructive and positive.

“I want to say a big thank you again to all the teams and services that participated in the safety exercises: Portsmouth City Council, Hampshire County Council, Chichester Harbour Conservancy, Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), Natural England, RSPB, Police Service, Fire & Rescue Service and the Adler & Allan ltd. Marine Response Team.”