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Sovereign Harbour Notice to Mariners 9 of 2017

Date: to Sun 20 Aug

Eastbourne International Airshow 17th - 20th August

We are expecting increased vessel traffic during the four day period of the air show. Berth Holders at Sovereign Harbour are reminded to read the advice notices placed around the harbour. 
There is a specific vessel exclusion zone in operation during the show between the Metropole Hotel and Hollywell Tea Chalet extending 50mtrs seaward of the yellow buoys. The exclusion zone is defined as a rectangle between the following coordinates: 
50.46.151N / 00.18.020E

50.45.886N / 00.18.410E
50.44.766N / 00.16.925E
50.44.994N / 00.16.442E

Vessels may anchor 50mtrs south of the buoyed line, please refer to the attached graphic. Failure to adhere to the exclusion zone will stop the air display at that time. Please click here to see the exclusion area map.


Vessel “Katrina” will be on station as control vessel for the duration, contactable via VHF Ch73. Mariners may contact Sovereign Harbour on VFH Channel 17 for advice.

This notice will be cancelled on 20/08/17.