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Falmouth Port Notice to Mariners 21 of 2018


 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the position given in port notice number 8 for the South cardinal mark was incorrect. The correct positions of the marks are given below.

A prototype marine energy device has been installed at FaBTest, the Falmouth Bay Test site. Installation works commenced on 28th May 2018 and was completed 6th June 2018; the device is due to remain deployed until May 2019.

The device is centered on position 50⁰ 06'.273 N, 004⁰ 59'.639 W and lies to a 4 point mooring system. When in operating mode, the device will operate sub-surface and will not have surface marks indicating its position.

To mark the area of device operations, a pattern of four cardinal marks lit as described below will be deployed in the following positions:

North Cardinal 50⁰ 06'.327 N 004⁰ 59'.641 W Flash Q 1s

East Cardinal 50⁰ 06'.274 N 004⁰ 59'.555 W Flash VQ (3) 5s

South Cardinal 50⁰ 06'.165 N 004⁰ 59'.632 W Flash VQ (6) + LF1 10s

West Cardinal 50⁰ 06'.272 N 004⁰ 59'.723 W Flash Q (9) 15s

Mariners are advised to remain clear of the operating area marked by the pattern of cardinal marks.

The device mooring assembly extends outside of the pattern of buoys and vessels should refrain from engaging in fishing and anchoring activities within 250m of any of these buoys.

During periods of maintenance unlit marks may be encountered within the pattern of buoys (This is currently the case 30 July 2018). Mariners operating in this area are advised to navigate with caution particularly at night.

This notice supersedes port notice 08 of 2018 which is cancelled.