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Sovereign Harbour General Direction No 1 of 2019


 Type / Class of Vessel:  Fishing Date Issued:  26th August 2019 
 Reason:  Incident Effective From: 1st September 2019
 Title:  Vessels to turn off engines whilst in the lock or other confined area Valid: Until further notice


General Direction - 2019-01:

In response to a recent incident, all fishing vessels must ensure they are able to switch off engines whilst in the lock. Fishing vessels should take steps to ensure deck loading is not excessive so that exhausts are not submerged as a result of weight on deck.

The Lock Keeper will ask incoming fishing vessels if they are able to switch engines off.

For those vessels from 1st September 2019 who are unable to safely switch off engines, the harbour may restrict lock access holding vessels outside of the locks until we are able to lock that specific vessel through via an empty lock.

As the Harbour Authority, Sovereign Harbour may from time to time issue General Directions. These directions can apply to all vessels, or a specific type or class of vessel. Directions can be made in response to an incident, or for the general management of vessel movements. Directions need not be in writing, but to aid safety management throughout the harbour details of all general directions are published. The powers to issue General Directions is taken from the Eastbourne Harbour Act 1980 and the Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847.

General Directions should be read in conjunction with the marina Rules & Regulations, Terms and Conditions and Local Notice to Mariners.

The Harbour Office can be contacted on VHF Ch.17 (24 hours) or telephone 01323 470 099 (24 hours)

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