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Queens Harbour Master Portsmouth No 1 of 2019

Date: to Tuesday, 31 December 2019

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth that the following Local Notices to Mariners have been re-issued and will remain extant until further notice. Copies of the LNTMs can be found on the QHM Portsmouth website at the following link:


2. The standing LNTMs are as follows:

LNTM 02/19 Dockyard Port of Portsmouth and the Port of Southampton - Traffic Control and VHF Communications in The Solent
LNTM 03/19 Portsmouth Harbour - Danger Area Tipner Firing Range
LNTM 04/19 Risk Assessment of Recreational Events
LNTM 05/19 Recreational Safety Points for RIBs and Other Fast Craft in the Solent
LNTM 06/19 Pilotage Act 1987 Portsmouth Competent Harbour Authority Compulsory Pilotage and Pilot Boarding Points
LNTM 07/19 Fast Transits of the harbour by military small craft
LNTM 08/19 Portsmouth Harbour - Cold Moves within HM Naval Base Portsmouth
LNTM 09/19 Vessels constrained by their draught or who can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway
LNTM 10/19 Video Surveillance And Telephone Recording
LNTM 11/19 Cross Solent Swims
LNTM 12/19 Mooring lines at Oil Fuel Jetty
LNTM 13/19 Boarding and landing of Pilots within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth
LNTM 14/19 Use of weighted heaving lines in mooring operations
LNTM 15/19 Transit of the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth by HMS Queen Elizabeth 

3. Cancel this LNTM on 31 December 2019.