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Sovereign Harbour General Direction No 1 of 2020


Type / Class of Vessel: All

Reason: Covid-19

Title: Control of vessels using and transiting congested areas within the harbour.

Effective From: 13th May 2020

Valid: Until Further Notice


General Direction 2020-01:

  • To manage the risk of Covid-19 transmission, the following controls are in place for all types and classes of vessels using Sovereign Harbour.
  • The number of vessels transiting the locks will be limited at busy periods to ensure adequate space is given between each vessel. Rafting of vessels alongside each other is prohibited. Vessels should use their own mooring lines to tie up in the lock. The Lock Keeper’s instructions via VHF must be complied with.
  • Use of the fuel pontoon will be managed to ensure adequate distancing is available between vessels. This may mean one vessel at a time depending on the size of vessels taking fuel.
  • In extreme cases where demand is high, a queuing and numbering system may be used to manage lock use. Information will be issued via VHF.
  • In extreme cases where the number of boats afloat within the harbour risks close proximity to other vessels, vessels will be instructed to remain on berth until numbers reduce.
  • This General Direction should be read in conjunction with LNTM 09/2020

As the Harbour Authority, Sovereign Harbour may from time to time issue General Directions. These directions can apply to all vessels, or a specific type or class of vessel. Directions can be made in response to an incident, or for the general management of vessel movements. Directions need not be in writing, but to aid safety management throughout the harbour details of all general directions are published. The powers to issue General Directions is taken from the Eastbourne Harbour Act 1980 and the Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847.

General Directions should be read in conjunction with the marina Rules & Regulations, Terms and Conditions and Local Notice to Mariners.

The Harbour Office can be contacted on VHF Ch.17 (24 hours) or telephone 01323 470099 (24 hours)