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Queens Harbour Master Notice to Mariners No 18 of 2022


1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN jointly by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth and the Harbour Master Portsmouth International Port, that following a routine survey of Berth Two at the International Port, significant damage has been found on the outer dolphin (Dolphin Two).

2. Until the dolphin is deemed safe, the following restrictions apply:

a. For ALL Ro-Ro vessel arrivals and departures to and from Berth Three, a tug must be on location and stood by to fend off any vessel from dolphin two as required.

b. No bunker barge operations will be permitted to take place on a vessel alongside Berth Three.

c. No moorings lines will be permitted to be run to Dolphin Two of Berth Two.

d. Due to her LOA and berthing arrangements, the MV Galicia will only be permitted to berth on Berth Four.

e. Heavy Weather will be assessed by the duty Pilot, and Berth Three may be withdrawn from use at any time.

f. No vessel is to land or touch the Dolphin on Berth Two. All Dolphins within the International Port are for mooring use only and not designed for leaning on.

g. Vessels arriving and departing Berth Two shall give the dolphin a wide berth

3. The above restrictions may impact on ferry schedules, the Duty Port Operational Managers will update weekly berthing schedules to reduce risk to infrastructure. For further information Portsmouth International Port can be contacted using the call sign Portsmouth Harbour Radio on VHF11 or Telephone +442392855900.

4. A review and update of this LNTM will be conducted following the structural survey report and repair actions.

5. QHM Portsmouth LNTM 16/22 is hereby superseded.