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Boatyard and Marine Services at Brighton Marina

Premier Marina’s Brighton Marina offers a quality boatyard service, including the use of a new 60 tonne boat hoist, 15 tonne Roodberg boat mover and a static crane used for mast work and engine lifts, plus a new mast rack. The boatyard, with its highly trained team, operates throughout the year, providing lifting services including high-pressure wash hull cleaning and storage in cradles. Alongside complimentary storage ashore, Premier Annual Berth Holders can look forward to a 15% discount on Premier’s boatyard services and seasonal promotions offering great value for money for Berth Holders and visitors alike. 

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Onsite and local marine services 

In addition to Premier’s boatyard services, Brighton Marina offers an outstanding mix of onsite marine tenants. These companies provide everything from engineering and fabrication to rigging and shipwright services, GRP repairs, valeting services, sail repairs & boat covers and marine electronics. If you enjoy carrying out your own repairs, you will appreciate the well-stocked onsite chandlery at the South Coast marina. 

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