Fuel berth, gas and pump out at Chichester Marina

Fuel Berth

The fuel berth at Chichester Marina is only available to Premier berth holders and is open daily for petrol and diesel. It is located close to the lock and the Marina Reception. Please call on VHF Channel 80 for service before heading for the fuel berth in your boat. Outside these times fuel may be dispensed at the Lock Master’s discretion and operation of the lock takes priority over fuel dispensing services. 

OPEN: 08:00 - 20:00 Hours Daily

WINTER: 08:00 - 18:00

Out of Hours: Berth Holders please contact Reception via The Help Point

From September 2021, the standard petrol used in the UK changed from E5 (95 octane) to E10. Although the Government has said that E10 petrol is compatible with 95% of petrol-powered road vehicles, it has acknowledged that some older boats with petrol engines may not be compatible with the new fuel. As such, Premier will continue to provide the standard E5 petrol on the fuel berths across our marinas at this current time to allow our berth holders more time to prepare for the introduction of E10 petrol in the near future. The standard E5 petrol will be referred to as "super unleaded" petrol going forward and is indicated with new signage on each of the fuel berths. To read our full statement, please click here. 

Premier Marinas Marine Diesel

Premier provides high quality fuel sourced from WP Group. 


Calor and Camping Gas is also available at the Marina Reception – customers wishing to buy gas should bring along their empty cylinder.

Pump-out Facilities

Holding tank pump-out facilities are located on the fuel berth and are available to berth holders and overnight visitors. Please contact the Marina Reception for service ahead of arriving at the fuel berth: VHF Channel 80 or call 01243 512 731.

Annual Berth Holders – £10 per 15 minutes (Self-serve this is the equivalent on one token)

Commercial berth holders, monthly and overnight visitors – £25 per 15 minutes (Self-serve this is the equivalent on one token)