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Wildlife Update From Brent Lodge


The team at local wildlife hospital, Brent Lodge, is treating a rescued swan saved by an RSPCA Officer after being found in a weak state, coated in a petroleum-based oil. 

This swan appears to have ingested oil whilst attempting to preen his feathers, which led to him suffering dehydration and susceptibility to secondary infections. 

At Brent Lodge, the immediate task was to remove the oil from the swan’s feathers without causing further damage to the delicate feather structure. He was gently bathed in several warm washes of washing-up liquid and rinsed clean by the team. To counteract any possible effects of the poisoning, he was provided nutrients and a charcoal-based solution through a feeding tube. 

The swan will be kept at Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital to rest and recover following his ordeal and will need to be kept warm with overhead heat lamps in a quiet pen, to allow him to dry and preen his feathers back to health. As part of the rehabilitation scheme, the swan will be regularly monitored and if his condition improves, he will be slowly exposed to water and acclimatised in an outdoor water pool. 

Keep an eye out for all wildlife this spring. Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital cares for up to 3,500 wildlife patients annually and appreciate all the support they receive to continue their work protecting and rehabilitate protected species. If you would like to support the care of this swan or any of the saved wildlife, you can donate online at www.brentlodge.org