The marina team recently joined forces with the Harbour Master and the Dart Harbour Authority to undertake an oil spill drill at Noss on Dart.

These exercises are critical to ensure that everyone can confidently react in the case of fuel contamination in the river.

Noss Oilspill Exercise 6 NW Mixed Content Block 952X664

The exercise unfolded as follows: The marina team enacted shutting off the emergency fuel valves and raised the alarm by calling the Harbour Master, who despatched several boats with a large floating boom. Everyone worked together to carefully position the floating boom to contain the oil spill and practice notifying the Environment Agency.

Drills are essential for Dart Harbour to put the equipment into practice and keeping everyone’s skills up to date. It was also a perfect chance for the team to share ideas on how to combat an oil spill in a marina-based environment, as well as test our own oil pollution plan.