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Premier Advantage Terms & Conditions

The Premier Advantage benefits and discounts do not vary the terms and conditions of your berthing licence or purchasing agreement with Premier Marinas Limited or any of its subsidiary companies. Premier Marinas Limited reserves the right to alter or withdraw all or any of the benefits and discounts referred to in the Premier Advantage without prior notice.

All services offered are subject to availability. The Premier Advantage benefits are only available to Berth Holders with a current annual berthing licence. The Premier Advantage does not apply to commercial tenants, dinghy berths, trailer sailors or to annual berthing licence holders whilst they enjoy Cruising Credit. 

The Premier Advantage benefits:

  1. Fuel at cost
  2. 42 free visitor nights
  3. Free day visits to other Premier marinas (10.00 to 15.00 hours)
  4. 15% boatyard discount
  5. Free storage ashore (minimum 8 weeks)
  6. 3 complimentary boat movements
  7. Seastart benefits package
  8. 20% discount on Premier Marine Insurance*
  9. Cruising credit
  10. Change of circumstances
  11. Contract transfer
1. Fuel at cost 

You can buy your diesel and petrol fuel at the price it costs us to purchase and dispense it. That price may not be the same across all Premier Marinas due to variations in the cost of purchase and delivery to each Marina. (Premier reserves the right to charge an administration fee for any fuel payments made by credit card.)

2. Visitor Nights 

Berth Holders can use their 42 complimentary visitor nights at any Premier marina other than their home marina, and in any combination of lengths of stay - subject to availability. Berth Holders planning a visit to a Premier marina should call their destination marina in advance to check availability and to book their visitor nights in. 

Reservations cannot be made more than 30 days in advance of a proposed visit but to guarantee availability at the marina you must make a reservation in advance of your arrival. Making an advance reservation will allow Premier time to confirm your visit and you will avoid possible disappointment at our most popular marinas in peak periods. Premier Marinas reserves the right to determine availability for any proposed visit. 

Complimentary visitor nights must be used during the term of your annual berthing licence. Complimentary visitor nights must be used prior to the berthing licence end date. No cash or exchange for other services is offered with this benefit. Visitor nights cannot be used whilst a Berth Holder is taking advantage of Premier Cruising Credits.

3. Boatyard Discount
You are entitled to a 15% Discount on boatyard services provided by us at any Premier Boatyard. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers that may be made from time to time by us.

5. Storage Ashore 
You can store your Boat ashore at a Marina at no additional cost. This offer is subject to:
a) There being space available to accommodate your boat. The determination as to whether there is space available shall be at our absolute discretion;
b) Time restrictions. The minimum period that you boat will be stored ashore without incurring additional cost is restricted to eight weeks.

If the Marina at which your boat is berthed is unable to accommodate your Boat due to space restrictions, you may (subject to the above restrictions and your acceptance of the Rules and Regulations for that Marina) store your Boat at any other Premier Marina at no additional cost.

6. Complimentary Boat Movements
We will move your boat for you within your Marina up to three times a year free of charge. Movements include those through the lock and/or cill, to or from a waiting pontoon. Complimentary boat movements are subject to you giving a minimum 24 hours notice and the availability of suitably qualified staff to move your boat. 

7. Sea Start Annual marina berthing 
Sea Start Limited ("Sea Start") offers expert mechanical marine breakdown assistance to yacht owners and power boat owners who suddenly encounter unpredicted problems on the water. Premier has arranged with Sea Start the following benefits for all holders of a 12 month berthing licence with Premier:
a) Telephone access to a SeaStart Mechanical Advice Line which provides you with the opportunity to speak to trained and qualified marine engineers should your boat suffer a mechanical breakdown.
b) Sea Start membership fees held at prevailing rates for 3 years for existing and new members;
c) A 20% discount on call out fees for Berth Holders who are not Sea Start members, provided that the Berth Holder agrees to take out a Sea Start Breakdown Assistance Policy. The Sea Start waterborne call out service is available within the Solent area, from Anvil Point, round the Isle of Wight, to Selsey Bill.

Premier Marinas will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by users of the Sea Start service or for the actions of the employees, agents or representatives of Sea Start limited (the service provider) unless those losses are caused by Premiers own negligence. The Terms and Conditions of Sea Start Limited shall apply and these can be obtained from the Sea Start website: www.Seastart.co.uk. 

8. Premier marine insurance

At Premier Marine Insurance we offer UK Based RYA Qualified Staff and tailored boat insurances. For a quote call 0844 892 1984.

*Discounted price will be calculated by deducting 20% from the premium before Insurance Premium Tax and Policy Fee and is subject to meeting insurer's underwriting criteria. Policy exclusions apply which include cover for wear and tear, corrosion or loss of value due to age and use.

Premier Marine Insurance is provided by Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd, Premier Marine Insurance is a trading name of Premier Marinas Limited, an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) of Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd, registered in England, company no. 4043759. Towergate Underwriting Group Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

9. Cruising Credit
If you are cruising away from your home marina for between 30 and 90 consecutive days between the period 1st April and 30th September in any one calendar year, you will be entitled to claim a credit against your berthing fees for the time that you are away. 

The credit will be 75% of your berthing fees calculated pro rata for the period that you are away from your home marina, up to a maximum of 90 days. Application for cruising credit must be made in advance of your proposed cruise and absence from your home marina for any reason outside of the April/September period will not count towards that credit. The cruising credit can only be redeemed against the costs of a consecutive 12 month berthing licence. 

The cruising credit cannot be taken as cash or used to offset any other account with or service provided by Premier Marinas Limited. The Cruising credit cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer including complimentary Visitor Nights (see 2 above). 

10. Change of Circumstances
If your circumstances change and you wish to end your 12 month berthing licence before its expiry date, we will refund a proportion of your paid berthing fees provided that:
a) We are able to replace your berthing licence with a new consecutive 12 month berthing licence for an equivalent boat;
b) You remove your boat from the Marina by the date you have given us; and 
c) You pay us a £50 administration fee. 
The refund will be calculated from the date on which the new consecutive 12 month berthing licence commences to its expiry in accordance with the following worked example:

Example Contract details:
Contract start date: 1 April 2011
Contract end date: 31 March 2012
Contract Termination date: 15 October 2011
New Contract Start Date: 1 November 2011
Contract value: £3,600
Number of days in the marina: 214
Pro-rata annual berthing charge: 214/365 x 3,600.00 = £2,110.68Refund due: 3,600.00 - 2,110.68 = £1,489.32

11. Contract Transfer
 You may transfer your Premier berthing licence to an alternative Premier Marina on request. Any move will be subject to: 
a. Berth availability at Your preferred Marina;
b. Payment of any applicable adjustment to berthing fees.