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Brighton Marina Goes the Extra Mile on High Wind Checks


Brighton Marina Goes the Extra Mile on High Wind Checks

Extremely high winds frequently hit Brighton Marina over the winter and the marina staff endeavour to minimise the impact of these winds on customers, their vessels or the marina itself. As soon as marina staff are aware the winds are coming, they will check that boats are moored securely and safely, that fenders are correctly positioned and that covers, canopies and halyards are secured. Many staff members at the South Coast marina will put their normal duties on hold to provide adequate resource and response. The number of staff working by night is doubled.

Onshore, as well as checking and rechecking the boats in the yard, we will check for any loose items that may become dangerous airborne projectiles and remove or secure them.

A comprehensive set of safety equipment is located on each jetty and in the boatyard, which can be deployed if necessary. All of this equipment is checked and serviced on a regular basis, supported by emergency plans that will be initiated if the need arises.

If customers require any training on how to best moor their boat, our experienced staff members at Brighton Marina are happy to help with this. Please book an appointment in advance by calling 01273 819919 or visiting the Marina Reception.