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Swanwick Marina Dry Stack Holds the First Agapi 950


The Dry Stack facility at Swanwick Marina is currently holding the UK’s first Agapi 950, courtesy of Williams Marine & Watersports Ltd who are now the sole importers of Agapi RIBs into the UK.

Mark Williams, of Williams Marine & Watersports Ltd, said: “With their modern Swedish design, Agapi RIBs have created a unique boat with extraordinary seaworthiness, performance and comfort. Up until now, they have predominately been sold into the Scandinavian market. However, Williams Marine & Watersports Ltd are now the sole importers into the UK and have the pleasure of storing the first Agapi 950 in Swanwick Marina’s superb Dry Stack facility. This new breed of boat mixes the performance and safety of a RIB with the comfortable living of a sports cruiser. They are very well suited to our changeable and unpredictable British weather due to their versatile and protective cockpit area. The deep V hull shape and RIB design mean that the boat is safe and easy to handle, fuel efficient and trailerable. The Agapi have two models: an Agapi 800 and and Agapi 950, both of which have a forward cabin – the 950 even has a built in toilet cubicle!”