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Phase 1 Completion of Floating Marina Regeneration


Phase 1 Completion of Floating Marina Regeneration

Phase 1 of Swanwick’s floating marina regeneration has been completed on schedule. The works began in October 2018 and has seen the removal of old pontoons X, A, B and C and the depth of the marina basin dredged to a maximum of 2m below chart datum. Walcon Marine then installed the new purpose built marina infrastructure, in time for the new season.

The new infrastructure is equipped with a 40 slot dinghy rack located on new pontoon A, and each new pontoon has been fitted with water and electricity which includes 32amp sockets on the bigger berths and 16amp as standard. The WiFi has also been upgraded.

Innovative design features have been implemented to help improve safety and ease of use, these include C and D pontoons being set at 700mm (200mm above standard pontoon freeboard height) to reduce the customers’ deck to pontoon ‘jump down’ when berthing their vessel. Berth holders will also be on a berth where the pontoon fingers measure at least the length of their boat. This feature exceeds industry standards and will help make berthing both easier and safer.

Pontoon fenders will be fitted to the new pontoons over the summer; the marina team will fit additional fenders if requested by berth holders for a cost of £90 (including installation). Berth holders will not be permitted to fit additional fendering beyond those fitted by the marina.

Phase 1 included the replacement and installation of new pontoons A, B, C and D and works to a ‘single access’ bridgehead at D, which will be completed in Phase 2. Once in place this central bridgehead access point will include a bridgehead building and an additional access ramp to the new E, F and G pontoons. Security will become easier for the marina team to monitor as access to the pontoons will be through a single point of entry. The new pontoons will also be easier to access as the new ramp will be set at a lower gradient.

Due to the redevelopment of the marina, the remaining two pontoons that have not been removed in Phase 1 have been renamed to pontoons E and F. These pontoons were previously known as Pontoons D and E.

Autumn 2019/20 will see Phase 2 of the floating marina regeneration get underway with the two remaining pontoons replaced with three new pontoons E, F and G. Work will also commence on the bridgehead building and the construction of a new pavilion building will begin in winter 2019/20.

The final part of the regeneration will be a new food and beverage building due to be completed in 2021. Swanwick Marina’s regeneration represents an £8m investment and is setting a new standard for marina development.