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Floating Marina Regeneration Update


C pontoon is nearing completion with D pontoon set to be installed soon. These new pontoons are the most innovative part of the floating marina regeneration where the berths will be set at 700mm above water level – this is 200mm above standard height – and will help reduce customers’ deck to pontoon ‘jump down’ when berthing their vessel.

The new C and D pontoons will have an improved depth under them to allow for larger yachts as well as finger pontoons that will measure at least the same length as an incoming boat. The pontoons will also have an increased number of 32amp power sockets and water points as well as enhanced lighting and improved WiFi access; improving the berth holder experience at Swanwick Marina.

Following the installation of the new C and D pontoons, the bridgehead entry point is set to be the final part of phase one to be completed before the summer season. The bridgehead will ultimately provide a single marina access point which will help improve the security on the pontoons, and also provide easier access because the design supports a substantially lower access gradient than offered by the current bridgeheads.

Premier is investing a total of around £4m over the 2 years of replacing the floating marina, phase one completing around April 2019 and phase two set to take place in winter 2019/20. Phase two will see the remaining pontoons (current D and E) removed and replaced to create the new E, F and G pontoons as well as the construction of the new bridgehead building. Further work will see the construction of a new Pavilion building scheduled for winter 2019/20 with a new food and beverage building to be completed in 2021.

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