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Radio Checks with Gosport National Coastwatch Institution


The National Coastwatch Institution (Gosport NCI) is a voluntary organisation set up in 1994 and now has 54 stations.  Gosport NCI’s station was opened 11 years ago and provides a visual and radio watch for the Eastern Solent and Portsmouth Harbour and it acts as a formal asset to the Solent Coastguard. Their signal tower is located at the Western Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour and is staffed during daylight hours. Gosport NCI are on hand for VHF Radio and AIS checks in addition to weather at the Harbour Entrance on request. They also provide routine broadcasts on Channel 65 to provide current local weather information and station opening times every day at 09.15 and 13.15.

Their work with radio checks helps relieve the traffic from the Queens Harbour Master and Solent Coastguard, especially during the summer months, so that they can focus on more important issues or emergencies across the Solent and Portsmouth Harbour. We therefore encourage berth holders and visitors to make use of this service with Gosport NCI when out on the water this season.

To request a radio check call ‘Gosport NCI’ on channel 65. For more information telephone 02392 765 194 or visit their website