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Award Nominated COEXISTENCE Documentary Filmed At Falmouth Marina


Falmouth Marina was recently selected as the location for an award nominated documentary called ‘COEXISTENCE’, created and produced by a group of Falmouth University students, the documentary looks at how man-made environments such as Falmouth Marina can actually help the wildlife to thrive in the area.

The team, consisting of Ollie Smith, Matthew Stockreiter, Ellie Stones, Poppy Sproul and Max Smith, made initial visits to the marina to establish if it was the right place for them to film and were pleasantly surprised by the wildlife residing in the marina. The Falmouth University students are all studying on the Marine and Natural History Photography Course and have brought their knowledge forward in this insightful documentary.

When asked why they chose Falmouth Marina, the student team said; "We chose Falmouth Marina, because on our initial visit we realised the incredible level of biodiversity that lived there. We thought it would be an interesting storyline to explore and to reveal some of the species that are living in the same space as us, but that was nothing compared to what we were lucky enough to witness and capture on film. It was a truly wondrous project for us all to be a part of, and we hope all the sights we caught on camera will continue to remain and inspire all."