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New 60 Tonne Hoist With Jib Crane


Brighton Marina has taken delivery of a new 60 tonne Wise travel hoist which has replaced the existing 50 tonne machine.

The new hoist is state-of-the-art and can be remotely controlled with the ability to accurately measure the weight lifted. Mike Hatch, Brighton’s Marina Manager explains further: “The new hoist really is a giant leap forward from the old machine. The hoist can not only lift vessels up to 60 tonne but also has a jib crane attached. This means that the yard team will be able to lift sailing vessel masts off and remove/install engines or equipment onto vessels that are ashore. It will become a mainstay in the boatyard for years to come reducing downtime and leading to a more comprehensive service for all those that use the lifting services.”

He added: “Premier has made a significant investment into Brighton Marina’s boatyard over the last few months, with all new plant equipment installed and the arrival of a new forklift, boat parker and powered axel. The new hoist, along with the rest of the new equipment has improved our productivity and manoeuvrability around the busy boatyard.”

The new hoist is commissioned and is now in full use with the boatyard team and support staff who are fully trained and qualified to operate the hoist.

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