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Supporting Struggling Sea Birds This Winter


Our friends at Brent Lodge wildlife hospital are turning their attention to an increasing number of juvenile sea and water birds requiring care having spent their first winter at sea or on water. The birds can face the perils of food shortages, discarded fishing and marine debris, oil spills as well as chemical and plastic pollutants. Gannets, gulls and fulmars are amongst those who are most affected and many of these birds get washed up by winter storms and are often too weak and malnourished to fly. 

Some have been poisoned by ingesting oil while trying to preen their feathers, or are water-logged and simply exhausted. Treatments include gentle hand-washing with detergent to remove oil, x-rays of injuries, careful removal of hook or line entanglement, special charcoal medicines to treat poisonings and antibiotics for infections, together with a good supply of fish. With care and rehabilitation they can recover and be released. 

Please be vigilant whilst exploring the waterside for any wildlife in danger and be sure to clean up any discarded litter or pollutants washed up to prevent unnecessary suffering to our stunning waterside wildlife. Visit their website for wildlife advice or give them a call if you find an animal that may require assistance. www.brentlodge.org. T:01243 641672

If you are able to donate essential hospital items to help care for wildlife in need, your support would be very much appreciated. To contribute to Brent Lodge’s wish list items click here.