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Equipment Upgrades For Gosport


To continue to provide first-class service to berth holders and visitors, we are making major investments to upgrade equipment at both Gosport Marina and our specialist boatyard, Endeavour Quay.

Earlier this month, essential maintenance works began on Endeavour Quay’s 180 ton travel hoist to upgrade a major bearing and extend the lifespan of the machine.

Due to the size of the hoist and the intricacy of the works, a team of five people, plus two cranes are required to complete the task. Alongside these replacement works, a full inspection, clean, and repaint of the entire hoist is underway and two new motors are being fitted to two of the winches. 

Tim Newell, Boatyard Manager explains: “The replacement of this bearing is vital to ensure the future of our travel hoist and although it seems like a fairly small component in relation to the full size of this machine, it involves a substantial amount of kit and man hours to dismantle and replace. The team are working incredibly hard to complete this essential maintenance and ensure our specialist boatyard is fully back up and running very soon.” 

Another major investment for Gosport Marina is the arrival of a brand new dry stack forklift. Arriving later this year the new forklift (model M2300H from Marine Travel Lift) is state-of-the-art and hydraulically controlled, providing precise and smooth control when handling boats.