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Safety Training Exercises at Southsea Marina


Over the winter the Southsea Marina team completed a number of safety training exercises to ensure they are fully prepared for all types of emergencies at the marina. 

Last month the team completed an exercise to assess how quickly they could deploy their emergency salvage pump in the event of a vessel taking on water. An opportunity to check the pump was working and serviceable, it resulted in the decision to invest in a new electric pump to increase the speed of deployment and aid the team’s ability to respond to such incidents efficiently.

The team also conducted an oil spillage exercise in which they developed a hypothetical scenario of a 14m power vessel leaking diesel into the harbour whilst moored on the holding pontoon. The team then practised deploying absorbent booms and isolating fuel lines in accordance with the emergency plan in place.

Following this exercise, Marina Manager, Peter Pring CMgr shared the findings with the Langstone Harbour Master who has since invited the team to collaborate in their 3-year incident management exercise programme – an invitation the team will certainly be accepting!

"These exercises are important in testing our systems and equipment, as well as practising for any potential future accidents within the marina," said Marina Manager, Peter Pring CMgr. “At Southsea we have a fantastic team with a wealth of expertise, and it's nice to see them pass on their knowledge to newer members of the team as we continue to strengthen our ties with the local services."