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Falmouth Port Notice to Mariners 22 of 2018

Date: to Wednesday, 15 August 2018

 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an aerobatics display by the Red Arrows will take place over Falmouth Bay at 18:15 on Tuesday 14th August 2018. 

To comply with the current display regulations, a safety zone has been established 250 metres either side of the centre line for the display. The centre line is shown on the chartlet below and is approximately between Pendennis Point and Pennance Point. The air display safety zone will be marked each side of the exclusion zone by four pillar buoys. In order for the display to take place, the safety zone must be clear of all vessels from 18:00 until completion of the display.  


Mariners are requested to remain clear of the safety zone after 17:45 on the day of the display. The Northern and Southern boundaries of the zone will be patrolled by authorised craft displaying conspicuous flags and mariners are requested to co-operate with instructions given by these vessels. 

Commercial vessels are requested not to anchor in or near the display safety zone between 17:00 and the completion of the display. All commercial shipping movements in Falmouth Bay zone C will be prohibited from one hour before the display time. All vessels in Falmouth Bay are requested to remain stationary during the display.