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Falmouth Port Notice to Mariners No 11 of 2019


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a wave energy device has been deployed in the FAB Test Site in position 50⁰ 06'.273 N, 004⁰ 59'.639 W. The device will operate sub-surface and will not have surface marks indicating its position. To mark the area of device operations, a pattern of four cardinal marks lit as described below is deployed in the following positions:

North Cardinal 50⁰ 06'.327 N   004⁰ 59'.641 W Flash Q 1s

East Cardinal 50⁰ 06'.274 N   004⁰ 59'.555 W Flash VQ (3) 5s

South Cardinal 50⁰ 05'.165 N   004⁰ 59'.632 W Flash VQ (6) + LF1 10s

West Cardinal 50⁰ 06'.272 N   004⁰ 59'.723 W Flash Q (9) 15s 

Notice to Mariners No 11 of 2019

Mariners are advised to remain clear of the operating area marked by the pattern of cardinal marks.