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Queens Harbour Master Notice to Mariners No 72 of 2019


1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth that a Cross Solent Swim will take place on Saturday 5 October 2019.

2. Twelve swimmers will be taking part. Each swimmer will be accompanied by a kayaker acting as an individual support craft. The lead support craft has the call sign ‘Swim Control’ / ‘Maverick’. There are four other support craft;  ‘Onboard Rebel’, ‘Onboard Rogue’, ‘Marlin’ all 7.5m RIB’s and ‘RIB rescue’, a 6m black and red RIB. A listening watch will be maintained on VHF Ch11 and Ch12 throughout.

3. The swim route is from Gilkicker to Ryde Sands starting at 0800 and completing by approximately 1100.

4. All support craft will display the International Code Flag ‘ALPHA’ while escorting the swimmers. 

5. Mariners are requested to keep a good lookout and pass well clear of the swimmers and the support craft during their crossing of the Solent. 

9. On occasions a QEC aircraft carrier may proceed to anchor within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth. When this is the case in accordance with General Direction 02/18 (Keep Clear of Warship Alongside or at Anchor) for this vessel, a 150 metres exclusion zone is designated while the vessel is at anchor and this will be enforced by attendant Police craft.