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Dart Harbour Yacht Taxi Service - Revised Service


Dart Harbour has taken the decision to change our service, as advertised in our Harbour Guide. This is to reduce risk of transmission of Covid-19 and to protect harbour staff, river users and the wider community.


The Yacht Taxi is resuming its normal service with effect from the 12th April 2021.

Face Coverings must be worn by passengers.

Please use concession tickets wherever possible – these are available to purchase by phoning the Harbour Office during normal opening times.

All year ship to shore/shore to ship yacht taxi service between Noss and One Gun Point in Dartmouth.

Daily Operating times

  • 26 Mar – 29 April 2021 0800-1900 hrs

  • 30 April – 27 May 2021 0800-2200 hrs

  • 28 May – 30 Aug 2021 0800 2300 hrs

  • 31 Aug – 19 Sep 2021 0800 2100 hrs

  • 20 Sept – 31 Oct 2021 0800 1900 hrs

Last trips for the outer zone are 45 minutes earlier.

Contact Information:  VHF Channel 69 call sign ‘Yacht Taxi’ or mobile 07970 346571.

Operating times are subject to change due to operational reasons or bad weather.


If you have not yet purchased a concession ticket, please have the correct change ready.

  • Inner Zone (between the car ferries) £1 per person

  • Outer Zone £2 per person, with a minimum charge of £4 per trip

  • DC Pontoon 50p per person

  • Yacht Taxi Zones

Concession Tickets

Concession tickets are available to purchase by phone from the Harbour Office on 01803 832337 during normal opening hours. Your emailed receipt will be proof of purchase for the taxi driver to issue your ticket.

  • Inner Zone £10.00 for 16 trips

  • Outer Zone £25.00 for 20 trips

Private Providers

Please visit our ferries page