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Langstone Harbour Notice to Mariners No 1 of 2021


MARINERS ARE ADVISED that the following Local Notices to Mariners (LNtMs) remain in force in Langstone Harbour as at 19th March 2021. Please refer to the Harbour’s website: https://www.langstoneharbour.org.uk/local-notices-to-mariners for details of standing and recent relevant Local Notices.
Standing Notices:

Notice No. 5/2015 (Unmarked Fishing Gear)
Notice No. 2/2018 (Risk Assessment of Recreational Events)
Notice No. 3/2018 (Safety in Small, High Speed Craft)
Notice No. 4/2018 (High Water Predictions)
Notice No. 6/2018 (Safety Information for Small Craft)
Notice No. 1/2019 (Depths at Kendall’s Wharf)
Notice No. 2/2019 (Loaded Vessels in Harbour Approaches)
Notice No. 3/2019 (Historic Site)
Notice No. 4/2019 (Vessel Wash)
Notice No. 5/2019 (Caution advised at SW Jetty)
Notice No. 6/2019 (Pilot Ladders)
Notice No. 7/2019 (Use of Moorings by Visitors)
Notice No. 8/2019 (Fishing Gear in Navigation Channels)
Notice No. 11/2019 (Water Skiing)
Notice No. 2/2021 (Pleasure Craft - UK/EU Entry & Exit Formalities)
Temporary Notices currently in force:
Notice No. 23/2019 (Isolated Danger Mark Missing)
Notice No. 13/2020 (Ferry Point Slipway Open - Covid)
Notice No. 21/2020 (Marina Channel)
Notice No. 22/2020 (Rod and East Milton Buoys Returned to Station)
Notice No.1/2021 (List of Notices in Force) - latest

Please also note the revised national arrangements for leisure craft regarding UK/EU entry and exit formalities now published as LNtM 2/2021 which will remain in force until further notice. Cancel Notice No. 1/2020 (List of Notices in Force).

Owners, Agents, Charterers, Marinas, Yacht Clubs and Recreational Sailing Organisations should ensure that the contents of this Notice are made known to the masters or persons in charge of their vessels or craft.