Dredging operations continue at Brighton Marina. Alongside Doris, our own cutter-sucker dredger, we appoint external dredging company ML Dredging to undertake the larger-scale works. Whilst we engage the dredging operations, a licence is required to carry out a dredging activity from the Marina Management Organisation who tell us how much we are permitted to dredge. This year, that is 77,000 cubic meters cm (or 100,000 tonnes).

BR Dredging 1 NW Mixed Content Block 952X664

We also take advice from specialists ABPmer, who set out a preferred practical, environmental and cost effective way to holistically manage the siltation in the marina now and future maintenance dredging requirements. Rest assured that we are working hard at this constant issue.

It can be difficult to predict dredging progress due to weather and tidal conditions affecting the safety and success of operations. As such, you may notice that the dredgers are not operating at certain times. Similarly, technical issues are unpredictable which we have encountered recently when Split 3 took over from Split 2. 

We would like to thank you again for your patience while this is ongoing.