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The Grand Dart River Pageant

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As the opening event of the Dartmouth Mayflower 400 weekon Sunday 30th August 2020, there will be a Grand Dart River Pageant in the Harbour and Noss on Dart berth holders are invited to be a part of history and join in with the procession.

Premier Marinas is delighted to be primary sponsors of the Pageant and central to the theme will be a procession from Noss on Dart Marina, moving downriver to salute the dignitary in the Flagship, with all units in the armada being 'dressed to the nines'.  

Leading the procession will be the Matthew, a faithful replica of John Cabot's original ship, playing the part of the Mayflower. The Brixham Trawler Pilgrim will be playing the part of the Speedwell. To follow there will be squadrons of larger boats and smaller boats and a massed squadron of Gigs will bring up the rear.  

There will be a modest entrance fee of £25 and for that the skipper will receive the following: a Dartmouth Mayflower 400 'Battle Flag', Pageant brochure, Commemoration Mug, Certificate of Participation and a ticket to an evening gathering. Extra brochures, merchandise and tickets for the evening event will be available to purchase ahead of the Pageant, to enable crew members to join in the fun.

Organisers anticipate the following minimum requirements for entry.

  • The boat will be able to maintain a controlled passage speed of 3 knots,
  • Must be propelled by either a motor or manpower with oars; sails will not be hoisted.   

The plan is to create squadrons of boats of similar features so they can proceed downriver as a corporate unit: this to produce a larger mass of boats moving in concert, rather than a single line procession, to maximise the visual impact of the occasion.

To determine levels of interest, organisers are advising that if you are interested in taking part with your boat, to send an email to pageant@dartmouthmayflower400.uk with the below details.

  • name and contact details,
  • the name, length and type of your vessel,
  • how it would be propelled (engine or oars)
  • home port,
  • any local sailing club you belong to (if any)

 *Please note that details are still being finalised and the above is only provided for guidance. For further information please click here.