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Song of the Whale at Gosport Marina


Premier Marinas' specialist boatyard at Gosport Marina is delighted to be working with a unique yacht “Song of the Whale”, a purpose-built 21 metre research vessel. The vessel is owned by Marine Conservation Research International and carries out ground-breaking global research on the protection of whales.

The yacht was lifted into Endeavour Quay's boatyard on 19th October as part of the final preparations for the research team’s summer trip. It is due to be relaunched next week where it will moor alongside Endeavour Quay until it embarks on its journey to the Cape Verde Islands on 10th November. From Cape Verde, the team will go to the Falklands Islands where, at Port Stanley, the yacht will collect a team of scientists from the British Antarctic Survey. Once the team are on board, “Song of the Whale” will voyage to South Georgia for three months of research studying the Southern Right Whale population.

Involved in research projects since 1987, the team with “Song of the Whale” have been training young scientists and pioneering studies to protect whales.

Previous projects range from taking surveys in previously unstudied areas where no data on whales existed, to informing the designation of new protected areas. Recent voyages have taken the team to Iceland, studying species behaviour, to the Northern Aegean where they discovered porpoises and Southern Australia, where they discovered rare beaked whales.

Commercial whaling was banned in 1986 due to the global depletion of the species. However, whales and smaller ocean mammals are threatened by pollution, entanglement in fishing gear, noise and disturbance and collision with ships. It is vitally important to study and monitor their populations to find practical solutions to the problems they face and to reduce risk of death.

MCR International is a conservation and educational organisation, working to protect and raise awareness of marine mammals and their ocean habits. Make a donation to MCR and make a real difference to marine wildlife.