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Dolphin Spotting In Chichester


Always a privilege and an exciting experience seeing dolphins in the wild; Russell Hastings, a Chichester berth holder was out on the water with his wife Kim and two teenage sons, Charlie and Bobby when they spotted the beautiful creatures.  


Russell explained: “We were out celebrating my son’s 20th birthday and were just on our way back from Gunwharf Portsmouth when at around 7pm (just off of West Pole) at the entrance to Chichester Harbour, I spotted a pod of around 10 bottlenose dolphins on my starboard side. This is where the incredible shots were taken - my brother in law, Paul Bailey was also on the boat and took two of the photographs.”


He added: “I slowly cruised past them and they turned and followed in our awake for at least half a mile. The excitement on board the boat was massive and carried on all the way back to the marina. Dolphins are magical creatures and they loved playing with and around the boat.”


Photographed on Thursday 19th July, on-board ‘Hunky Dory’ a Sealine SC35. Bottlenose dolphins are the most commonly sighted dolphin in UK seas and this specific pod was happy to stick around for photographs!


To view the full set of images capturing the incredible encounter, visit our Premier Chichester Facebook.