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Woodland Car Park Underway at Noss on Dart Marina


The development of the Southern section of the Woodland Car Park at Noss on Dart Marina, which will provide approximately 100 car parking spaces, is progressing well with the terracing and crib walls now in place.

Ecological considerations have been at the forefront of this sensitive development and an extensive planting programme will soften the impact of development in this sensitive location. The crib walls will be planted with a mixture of indigenous plants and hedgerows planted above to minimise the view of the car parking from the river. Work is expected to complete in July.

This new car parking facility will provide much needed car parking for Premier Marinas' redevelopment of the site and with the works undertaken to the railway bridge, takes Premier’s investment in the site to £2m. A planning decision on the application for the wider redevelopment of the South Coast marina is expected in July.

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