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South Coast Rowing Championships


Dartmouth has been chosen as the venue for the 63rd South Coast Rowing Championships to be held on Saturday, 14th September 2019 - and sponsored by Noss On Dart Marina. Not only is the rowing fraternity of the town overjoyed that this precious stretch of water on the river Dart has been chosen, but it is also a popular choice with South Coast rowers from Herne Bay in the east to Falmouth in the west.

The first Championship Regatta was staged at Poole in 1957 but it was not until 1976 that the Ladies were included in the Championships although, the supporting races had often allowed a Ladies event. To compete in a Championship race competitors are normally winners or runners-up in their respective status within their Association. Each Association has the right to select two crews to represent them at each status in the Championship races. Championship coxed fours are currently held for Men’s Senior, Men’s Junior/Senior, Men’s Junior, Ladies Senior, Ladies Junior and Veteran.

Supporting races are also held for crews not selected for the Championship races. The coxed fours categories for these races are Men’s Senior, Men’s Junior/Senior, Men’s Junior, Men’s Novice, Ladies Senior, Ladies Junior, Ladies Novice, Masters 40+, Masters 50+ coxed fours and Ladies Masters 40+.

On the occasion of the 50th Championship Regatta it was agreed, with the approval of the South Coast Championship Regatta Council, that Dartmouth should host the first South Coast Junior Regatta prior to the Championship Regatta for rowers and scullers under the age of 18. The categories agreed for the Junior Regatta were Under 18 coxed fours, Under 16 coxed quadruple sculls, Under 14 coxed quadruple sculls, Under 16 double sculls and Under 14 double sculls. These events were provided separately for both Men and Ladies.

Dartmouth’s support for the South Coast Championship Regatta over the years has been prolific with the Rowing Club entering crews from its very inception. Dartmouth, in 1959, was the first venue in the West of England to host the Championship Regatta, then ten years later in 1969 the Championship Regatta returned to Dartmouth to celebrate the centenary of Dartmouth Amateur Rowing Club, and the club hosted the 50th Championship Regatta and 1st Junior Regatta in 2006.

The 63rd South Coast Rowing Championships are promoted by the West of England ARA and organised by the Dartmouth Amateur Rowing Club to mark the 150th anniversary of the club.

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