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Sovereign Harbour Self-Serve Pump Out Facility


Sovereign Harbour Marina's self-serve pump out is now in operation on the fuel bay and available 24/7. As part of Premier Marinas’ continued investment in Sovereign Harbour and the environment, the pump out machine has been provided to encourage boat owners to empty their holding tanks at the marina rather than at sea.

Before heading to the fuel bay, owners will need to go into the Marina Reception to collect an adaptor (if required) and purchase a token - £10 for annual berth holders (lasts up to 15mins) and £25 for commercial berth holders, monthly and overnight visitors. As this is a self-serve operation, our new pump out will allow customers to empty their holding tanks at a time that suits them and as such is an important step forward; demonstrating Premier’s willingness to listen to their berth holders’ needs and help the environment in every way it can. Premiers’ investment in this project will be of benefit now and into the future as more and more boaters recognise the importance of keeping our seas clean.

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