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Noss on Dart Marina's Building Demolition


The demolition of the old shipyard buildings at Noss on Dart is now underway. This has necessarily resulted in a considerable increase in the flow of heavy plant accessing the site. With this in mind we ask that you exercise particular caution as you drive in and out of the marina, and when on foot, we advise that you keep clear of the protective fencing around the buildings being worked on and follow the instructions on safety signage at all times.

The buildings being demolished include the Green Shed, Noss House, the Philips Building, and the former Platers’ and Welders’ Shops; the work is expected to be completed by the end of April 2019. This phase will be followed by work on the replacement boatyard, decked car park and commercial buildings. The residential developments are set to be the final part of the overall plan to reinvigorate Noss on Dart Marina.

For the history of the plans for Noss on Dart click here